Privacy policy
Toriyama Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “The Company”), acquires a large amount of personal information in the course of its business, and aware that it has a great responsibility to protect this information, in order to earn the trust of information authorities and society as a whole, sets out the following personal information protection guidelines, and strives to protect personal information.
According to these guidelines, our privacy policy can always be viewed on our Internet website (


The company, pursuant to the relevant decrees, norms and company regulations, strives to make all company employees aware and thoroughly conversant with the protection of personal information, and ensure that it is handled appropriately.

1. Collection, use, provision and entrusting of personal information
  1. Regarding the collection of personal information, we will collect any necessary personal information for explicit purposes which we will make known or publicly announce, and use it only for those purposes.
  2. Personal information which is collected shall not be provided or disclosed to 3rd parties, with the following exceptions:
    1. if prior consent is obtained from the person concerned.
    2. if subject to the modalities of Clause 2 (opt-out) or Item 3, Clause 5 (common use), Article 27, of the law pertaining to protection of personal information.
    3. if it is required to provide or disclose such information according to legal directives.
  3. if personal information is entrusted to a 3rd party, the appropriateness of such entrustment shall be considered in the light of the 3rd party’s secure management provisions, and the 3rd party shall be appropriately supervised by concluding a secrecy maintenance agreement with said 3rd party.

2. Secure management of personal information
The Company shall take the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leakage of personal information, or its loss or damage, and otherwise manage it safely.

3. Measures for improvement
We shall respond appropriately to any changes in the social environment regarding handling of personal information. We shall also strive to continually improve our policy as necessary by making modifications, corrections and additions according to these guidelines and other regulations.

4. Response to requests for disclosure and correction
If a user considers that the Company has not respected these personal information protection guidelines, and desires to stop the disclosure of said information, correct or modify such information, or request its deletion or cessation of use, please notify us using the consultation form. We will endeavor to comply with such requests within a reasonable time as appropriate.

5. Handling of complaints
The Company shall strive to deal with any complaints regarding the handling of personal information appropriately and quickly .


The Company shall use personal information obtained from the customer in relation to the contract and business with the customer, as follows:

1. To send products and invoices ordered by the customer
2. To respond to questions submitted by the customer
3. To send documentation requested by the customer
4. To confirm payment methods and payment status with the customer