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A commitment to wagyu passed down from generation to generation.
The roots of Toriyama Farm goes back to 1948 when Fukuichiro Toriyama started working as a livestock dealer who would buy beef cattle from farmers and sell them. Then in 1960 he established the meat processing and distribution company Toriyama Chikusan Shokuhin with his sons. In 1976 the family established Toriyama Farm. Fukuichiro’s grandson Makoto Toriyama (the current president) joined the family business in 1999. Looking ahead to the needs of the beef cattle market in the next 10 to 20 years, in around 2010 they established a system to handle every aspect of wagyu beef production, from breeding to fattening, which is usually handled separately by different businesses. In 2010 Makoto Toriyama took as president. His vision was to create a brand with unwavering quality where people always know they are going to get a good cut of beef. After years of research, he developed a production system that ensures every head of cattle produces beef that is consistently great tasting and always satisfying. The Toriyama Umami Wagyu beef brand is the result of our confidence and commitment to producing outstanding beef.
There is more to wagyu than marbled beef.
We strive to produce wagyu beef that has a perfect balance of meat with a mild umami taste and fats with a refined flavor. To us that is what makes truly great-tasting wagyu. Its delicate texture, rich aroma, and appetizing appearance are of course important too. We have no interest in competing over the amount of marbling. Today you can use technology to make beef more marbled, but we don’t intentionally try to make our meat more marbled; it’s something that just happens naturally when you put this much care into raising beef.
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Toriyama wagyu story
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We offer secondary cuts that bring out the full umami flavor of wagyu.
Every part of wagyu cattle has umami. Each cut has a different balance of meat, fat, and sinew, offering a variety of flavors and textures. There is so much more to wagyu beef than just premium cuts like sirloin. Toriyama Umami Wagyu is rich in umami so every cut has something distinctive to offer. We hold tasting events around the world ─ from Singapore, to the US, to Italy ─ where you can taste our secondary cuts, and we carry out activities so chefs and foodies everywhere can experience the distinct taste, flavor, and texture of each cut. Our aim is for everyone to know that every cut is delicious and to spread the joy of eating every part of the cattle.